About Us

Our sister company has been a supplier to the world wide water industry for more than 35 years.Communication networks have allowed us for the first time, to offer the same professionally designed and produced products, that are used by your local utility company to the domestic home market.

OUR Mission
Quite simply, it’s to keep more $ in your pocket and stop leaks fast we enable you to detect leaks and repair your own home water network, supply line, main drain, soil stacks and sewer lines. We have sized our standard kit to the normal pipe standards found in most homes, including your supply line. This is called CTS and means copper pipe, pex pipe and cPVC pipe. If you don’t have these pipes, no problem just tell us, we’ll provide the solution.

We will be providing helpful blogs on our site and direct to your mail box discussing practical methods of maintaining your pipe network and detecting and repairing leaking pipes.

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